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Student Yannick Diouf, winner of the Paul L. Vance scholarship is honored by the White House for being a National Honor Society recipient!



Tips for Parents:
Protecting Our Kids Facebook 101... and Beyond
with Attorney General Doug Gansler

  • Keep your computer in a common area. 
  • Set rules about what your children can access and how long they can be online. 
  • Check your browser's history and determine if any additional filtering, tracking or blocking software is appropriate. 
  • Ask to view your Children's online profiles and remove any identifying information, photos or inappropriate comments. 
  • Teach them to consider who might be looking at their profiles (e.g., potential employers, college admissions staff) 
  • Know your children's passwords and make sure your children never share them with others. 
  • Teach your children to tell a trusted adult if they see something inappropriate or harmful online (e.g., cyberbullying) 
  • Just because some sites require users to be at least 13 doesn't mean younger kids won't get around it. 
  • Review privacy settings with your child so only appropriate information is made public. Default settings tend not to be private 
  • Select your friends/followers/connections carefully. Identity thieves might create fake profiles to get access to your information. 
  • Observe the same rules for smartphones as you would for computers